Silent Knight


Silent Knight

by Oliver Cowen

What’s under the stairs? A wizard boy? No. ‘Tis John the Knight. John has been readying his pauldron legs and cheese-crusted toes for a small all out war between a moth duct taped to your nan’s fork collection and a medium-sized bear with porridge ears.

April 1st - 7th 2019, 6pm @ Belleville (Globe Alley, Melbourne) as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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Straight White Knight

John is being hunted by a Bear! But John is not scared! Knights are not scared of anything! He will fight the Bear and save the Princess because that is what Knights are supposed to do! He will live happily ever after because John is a STRAIGHT! WHITE! KNIGHT! …right?

Performed @ Belleville during Melbourne Fringe 2018