the group

the group

We are the hearsay theatre group and we make art together. Formed in 2015 as a collaboration between like-minded artists, we've since extended our network through training, devising, and facilitating projects. Our work is feminist, queer, contemporary, and magical.


creative directors

Eidann Glover

Dungeon Master

Eidann (pronounced idd-ahhn) is a prolific writer, director, and performer. She draws meaning and connections between threads of stories, teasing narrative from scraps of images to create cohesive wholes. Eidann is also a killer stage manager and producer.

David McNamara


David (pronounced day-vidd) is a facilitator, performer, and dramaturg. He places images and bodies in space and moves them around until they’re interesting. David is also a producer and designer.

Oliver Cowen


Oliver (pronounced oll-eev-urr) is a performer, comedian, and writer. He pours gallons of creative content into a swirling pool, and fishes out only the droplets that sparkle with wit and absurdity. Oliver is also a rad producer and provocateur.

collaborating artists